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UGOH is a website designed for finding out where local musicians are playing in Santa Fe and the surrounding area.

The team at UGOH saw a need to bring all the incredibly talented live musical acts and beautiful venues together on one site.

A common question from visitors is: “where can we hear some live music?” Everyone’s taste in music varies, so we needed a site where people can easily decide what performers they would like to hear. Enter UGOH, your one stop information site for live music and events in Santa Fe.

Whether you’re visiting Santa Fe or you live here and would like to hear some live music click on a venue, and it will direct you to their calendar. While you’re at it look at the restaurant page to see where you would like to eat . Click on a restaurant and you will be directed to their menu.

If you’re interested in learning about a new artist or would like to listen to some of their music, click on a name. It’s that easy!

We update the site on a regular basis so come back for the latest music and places to eat in

Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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We would like to thank the many contributors and guests visiting UGOH.

We are always adding Santa Fe performers to the site. If you would like to contribute the following please e-mail us for more information.

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The events page is constantly being updated. If you have an upcoming event you would like added to the events page please e-mail us.

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